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S특별 감사에 :
Anthony E. Malkin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Empire State Realty Trust
Dana Robbins Schneider, Senior Vice President Energy and Sustainability Services
Jones Lang LaSalle
Carol Willis, Founder and Director
The Skyscraper Museum

이것은 안테나 인터내셔널 생산왔다.
Executive Producers: Alice Walker, Ashley Day
Senior Content Designer: Sarah Brockett
Writer: Josh Feinberg
Graphic Designer: Andrea Balboni
Sound Designer: Peter Dunne
Senior Interactive Designer: James Morgan

드 울프 생산 음악 회사의 음악 공급 예의.

이미지 크레딧 : Times Square, Alexy Maleshkevich; New York Stock Exchange, Andre Viegas; Brooklyn Bridge, Andreas Juergensmeir; St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Andrew F. Kazmierski; Flags, ArtisticPhoto; Wonder Wheel, Christopher Parypa; Downtown Manhattan, dan vojtech photographer; Library Exterior, David Dea; Chrysler Building, Dirk Paessler; Hudson River, George Washington Bridge, Donald R. Swartz; Metropolitan Museum, Evan Wong; Coney Island, ExaMedia Photography; Met Life Building, Gregory James Van Raalte; Queensboro Bridge, iofoto; Queensboro Bridge, Joel Raskin; Grand Central, Johnny Tran; Flatiron Building, Jorg Hackmann; Madison Square Garden, littleny/; Central Park, lupugabriela; Statue of Liberty, New York Library, Marcio Jose Bastos Silva; Washington Square Arch, Mikael Damkier; Statue of Liberty, Natchapon L.; United Nations, newphotoservice; Fifth Avenue Sign, Olga Bogatyrenko; Bryant Park, omers; Long Island City, Palette7; Macy's, Phillip Lange/; Flatiron Building, Pola Damonte/; Hudson River (two images), Richard Cavalleri; Central Park, Rudy Balasko; Statue of Liberty, S. Borisov; Washington Square, George Washington Bridge, Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Terminal, Sean Pavone Photo; Pepsi Sign, Sean Pavone Photo/; Central Park, Songquan Deng; The Cyclone, Vladimir Korostyshevskly/; Brooklyn Bridge, Zina Seletskaya